Hi there! My name is Cole. A key to successful therapy is working with a therapist you click with. I offer all new clients a free consultation so that you can get to know me and how I work. Before we chat, here is some information about me to help you in your deliberation process. Here is a copy of my CV if you want all the details.


  • PhD Social Work (2019) Washington University in St. Louis
    • Washington University is ranked #2 in the country among Schools of Social Work
    • I conducted research in the Center for Mental Health Services Research
    • My areas of expertise include: mental health services research, dissemination and implementation science, and scale-up
  • Master in Social Work (2009) Smith College School of Social Work
    • Smith College SSW is ranked #16 in the country and is considered the top clinical program in the country.
    • I was one of two students admitted to the Advanced Standing Program
  • Bachelor in Social Work (2008) Brigham Young University
    • Graduate Magna Cum Laude with Honors
    • Awarded Social Work Student of Promise
    • Awarded University Brigham Award for "“genuine commitment, example, and contributions to others throughout the world”

Clinical experience

I have been providing mental health counseling for nearly 15 years. I have worked children, teens, adults, couples, and families. I worked in New York City, St. Louis, and Utah. I have been a therapist, supervisor, director.

Research experience

I have been conducting research for over 10 years. I was a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) pre-doctoral fellow and have conducted research at New York University, University of Maryland, Washington University, and Brigham Young University. I have consulted in the UK, Rwanda, and in the U.S.. I am trained in statistical approaches, system science methods, and in implementation science. In the past three years, I have been principal investigator on 5 grants. I have averaged publishing 5.75 scholarly articles for the past 4 years. In 2022 I received the Mary Lou Fulton Young Faculty Award.